2002 - Canaries, St Lucia

Agricultural and Economic Feeder Roads Study

The condition of bananas and other fruits (which form the backbone of the St Lucia agricultural industry) is greatly influenced by the mode of transport and the conditions of the roads used to transport these fruits. Some of these tertiary roads are also income generating for nature tours for the tourism industry. In sight of this, the Government of St Lucia commissioned the consultants to undertake a study to prioritise, for further evaluation and design for reconstruction or rehabilitation, the most essential agricultural and economic feeder roads from the entire network of feeder roads in St. Lucia.

Subsequent to the prioritisation and recommendations for maintenance and management schemes of these roads, complete designs and tender documentation for the final, most essential roads were produced in sight of a provided construction budget. Dannion, in collaboration with Halcrow, undertook: condition assessments of the roads; interpretation of test results; recommendation of pavement rehabilitation options; as well as designs of retaining walls, roadside drainage, culverts and bituminous pavements; supervision of surveys and development of road vertical and horizontal alignment.

Agricultural and Economic Feeder Roads Study

St Lucia

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  • Appointment 2001
  • Completion 2002
  • Client Government of St Lucia
  • Collaborating Consultant Halcrow
  • Highway Engineer
  • Cost Estimating