2015 - Castries, St Lucia

Goodlands Access Road

Prior to the implementation of the scheme, access to the community of Goodlands by emergency vehicles and vehicles in general in all weather was not possible, and with every heavy rainstorm, the community, dissected by a changeable ravine, became cut-off from the main road. Dannion, given a small budget, produced designs for a route alignment solution to allow all weather, all vehicle access to the parts of that community that were previously most inaccessible.

To achieve this, the Dannion engineers designed – a 188m long, 3m wide, two-way, reinforced concrete rigid pavement roadway with associated drainage infrastructure; a 30m paved pedestrian pathway; river training and slope stabilisation works and a 5m span bridge structure that allowed unimpeded access over the river and ensured the safety of the homes from flood conditions not previously realised. With the completion of the scheme, members of the community were provided with security and safety in accessing their homes to the far ends of the community by both vehicles and pedestrians.

Additionally, under this Caribbean Development Bank financed BNTF 8 – Access project, Dannion engineers also produced route optimisation and designs for a footpath in Aux Leon, Dennery as well as a one-way road access to the Dennery hospital through a maze of unplanned housing development.

Dannion was awarded the consultancy for the development of detailed designs, cost estimates, tender documents and construction supervision.

Goodlands Access Road

St Lucia

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  • Appointment 2015
  • Completion 2018
  • Length 188m
  • Bridge Span 5m
  • Client Caribbean Development Bank and Government of St Lucia
  • Funded Caribbean Development Bank
  • Road and Pavement Engineer
  • Bridge Engineer
  • River Engineer
  • Hydrological and Drainage Design
  • Tender Documentation
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Construction Administation and Supervision