Marc Floissac and Caico Bridge Reconstruction

The Emergency Disaster Management and Mitigation Project, Marc Floissac and Caico Bridge Reconstruction, Designs and Tender Documents involved the review of the design and scope of works of an original design conducted by the Government of St Lucia, Ministry of Works on the Marc Floissac (reinforcement concrete) and Caico (bailey type) Bridges and the detailed design of the two bridges up to the tender process.

The scope of services included – review of the available documents (including the designs, drawings and tender documents produced by the Ministry of Works), geotechnical and topographic surveys; preparations of Computer Aided Design drawings from the surveys; appraisal of options and the production of an options report with recommendations; detailed design of the bridge structures as well as river protection works and necessary realignment works; development of preferred options for the two bridges through detailed design, drawings and contract specification, and the production of a design report; production of tender documents and assisting of the Ministry of Works in the evaluation process.

Dannion, in collaboration with Halcrow, undertook the supervision of site topographical and geotechnical surveys, formulation of the appropriate options for construction of the individual bridges, hydrological study of the river catchment areas and hydraulic design of the river at the bridges to accommodate the appropriate flow volumes, structural design of the reinforced concrete components including foundations and abutments (and the deck in regard to the Marc bridge), preparation of cost estimates, the preparation of the drawings and inputs (including bill of quantities and specifications) for the production of the tender documents.

Marc Floissac and Caico Bridge Reconstruction

St Lucia

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  • Appointment 2002
  • Completion 2002
  • Client Ministry of Works, Government of St Lucia
  • Funded World Bank
  • Collaborating Consultant Halcrow
  • Bridge Engineer
  • Hydrological Design
  • Cost Estimating
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Supervision