Adrian Greenidge

Senior Partner Head of Transportation and Highway Infrastructure Engineer – MSc, BSc & DIC

Adrian has over 20 years experience in Civil Engineering projects. He is a graduate from Imperial Collage (London) with an MSc in transportation engineering. He joined Dannion in 2005, initially working as a Resident Engineer on the Phase 1 of the East Coast Road Project in St Lucia, and was made director in 2011. He has recent relevant experience in St Kitts as the Resident Engineer on the West Basseterre By Pass Road Project and in Saint Lucia as the road pavement and drainage design and Resident Engineer on the Rehabilitation of the East Coast Road Project and the Feeder and Agricultural Roads Project. Adrian is a avid supporter of Manchester United and the England football team.


Adrian Greenidge is the head of the transportation and roads division at Dannion and a member of the Partnership Board. He serves as team leader for most of its road infrastructure projects and often acts in the capacity of resident engineer on site. He is originally from London, England and holds a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of the West Indies and a Master's degree in Transport from Imperial College. On achieving his first degree, he worked in Barbados, becoming a member of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers and a Registered Professional Engineer there.

Adrian joined Dannion in 2005 on completing his graduate studies at Imperial College. In 2008, he was assigned to Saint Kitts as resident engineer on the Basseterre By-Pass Highway and worked on the development of the Basseterre Traffic Management and Urban Improvement study. On his return to Saint Lucia, he served as design and resident engineer on various infrastructure projects.

Adrian has also worked on many significant projects across the Caribbean, varying from road infrastructure to site development to traffic engineering and transportation planning. Projects that he has recently worked on include Goodlands Access Road, Walcott's Performance Art Centre & Grass Street Extension and Fond St Jacques flood protection in St Lucia. He lead the team designing the car parks, access roads and drainage networks on the National Insurance Administration Complex and the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction. He also lead the team undertaking pavement and drainage condition assessments along 57km of primary and secondary roads in Antigua, and worked on the Beausejour & La Sagesse Developments in Grenada.

His previous assignments include Warrens Office Complex, site development at Coverley and Rices, Improvement of Walkers to Greenland Highway, and Improvement of Greenland Landfill Access Roads, all in Barbados.