2016 - Beausejour, Grenada

Beausejour and La Sagesse Developments

The project consists of the construction of 3.0km and 1.0km of reinforced concrete access roads, associated drainage and slope stabilisation infrastructure and the provision of septic tanks and soakaway systems for subdivisions in the village of Beausejour and La Sagesse, respectively.

Dannion in collaboration with lead Consultant – Gleans Construction & Engineering Co. were commissioned to undertake the design and to implement the construction of infrastructure development. As a road and drainage specialist, Dannion, undertook a complete technical review of the construction designs and drawings, comprising of an assessment of vertical and horizontal designs of the roadway and checks on the proposed provision of roadside drainage and road/slope retaining infrastructure. At the commencement of construction works, Dannion undertook a visit to the site in order to assess the conditions and to incorporate our findings into said review.

Located on the west side of the island, the Beausejour village is perched on the side of a steep mountain with the settlement of volcanic alluvial soils on the slope. This make road construction particularly challenging as retaining structures needed to find solid ground on which to be founded and runoff had to be carefully controlled in order to minimise the risk of erosion and landslides.

Located near the east side of the island, the La Sagesse development spreads across 20acres on a hill slope of stable ground that required some retaining walls and step accesses to lots on both the fill sides and cut sides on various locations along the roadways.

Beausejour and La Sagesse Developments


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  • Appointment 2016
  • Completion 2017
  • La Sagesse Length 1km
  • Beausejour Length 3km
  • Client Government of Grenada
  • Collaborating Engineer Gleans Construction & Engineering Co.
  • Funded World Bank
  • Road and Pavement Engineer