2017 - Pigeon Island, St Lucia

Pigeon Island Coastal Protection

Culture Marine

The historical and touristic value of the Pigeon Island National Landmark, connected to the mainland island by a causeway in 1972, cannot be overstated. Groynes constructed to mitigate shoreline erosion and to maintain the recreationally important beaches on the southeastern section of the island have been severely compromised by routine wave action as well as storm events of the last 20yrs. In order to stabilise the shoreline, address existing erosion and rebuild the beaches to acceptable levels, designs were undertaken to rehabilitate the existing groynes and the construction of new offshore breakwaters.

Dannion conducted a review of the designs and certified the designs for approval by the development control authority.

Pigeon Island Coastal Protection

St Lucia

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  • Appointment 2017
  • Completion 2018
  • Client Saint Lucia National Trust
  • Marine Engineer
  • Planning Specialist