The water supply to the communities of Ti-Rocher and Desruisseaux, located just inland from the east coast of St Lucia, remains, in 2018, on an every other day alternating basis. This means that on the days when water is supplied to the community of Ti-Rocher, the neighbouring community of Desruisseaux has to go without, having to wait for their turn to receive water on the following day and vice versa.

Recognising that this situation is not in keeping with the development goals of the country, in 2002, the parliamentary representative at the time – the Honourable Arsene James, with the assistance of the Water and Sewerage Company, conceptualised the Ti-Rocher Water Supply Project. The Project was aimed at providing water to the community of Ti-Rocher on a continuous basis, negating the need to alternate the supply with the community of Desruisseaux, therefore ensuring that the supply to the community of Desruisseaux would then be on a continuous basis as well.

Initial funding for the project was obtained through the efforts of Arsene James, resulting in: (1) the construction of a 100,000 gallon storage tank at Morne Desir, Ti-Rocher in 2010 and (2) the procurement of the lengths of pipe required to transmit the treated water from the plant located in the village of Micoud, a distance of approximately 7km. With the tank supplied with the treated water, safe potable water could then be distributed to the residences and businesses in the community.

The Water and Sewerage Company has now allocated funding for the implementation of the scheme, with an updated design and the use of simultaneous multiple construction packages aimed at expediting the execution of the works.

In order to ensure an adequately engineered and constructed project, first, it was critically important to confirm the structural integrity of the tank that had been sitting unused for close to eight years. With the tank made adequate for use, the supply line, from the treatment plant to the tank, needed to be optimised and adequate provision made for growth in the Ti-Rocher community and for further expansion into future development south along the East Coast Highway.

The installation of the 6,308m PVC pipeline, complete with valve chambers, fire hydrants and a pump station, to be undertaken under four separate construction packages. The first three packages are divided along the section of 4inch diameter pipeline from the storage tank to the junction of the East Coast Highway and the Ti-Rocher main road. The final 900m section of the scheme is a 6inch diameter pipeline, connecting the Micoud treatment plant to the chamber at the junction of the East Coast Highway and the Ti-Rocher main road. This section makes provision for future extension of supply to communities further south along the East Coast Highway.

Construction under contract packages 1, 2 and 3 from the storage tank at Morne Desir to the junction of the East Coast Highway and the Ti-Rocher main road commenced on the 6th of August 2018 with a completion schedule of four months to 26th November 2018. Construction under contract package 4 to start in September 2018.

Dannion was commissioned by the Water and Sewerage Company to undertake the construction supervision and project management of the project to completion.

With the designs of the scheme by the Water and Sewerage Company engineers complete, Dannion needed to ensure that the scheduling and simultaneous execution of the various packages under the works minimised disruptions to the everyday activities of residents and commuters, and that the residents received uninterrupted water supply as soon as possible.

Adrian Greenidge, Head of Highways, Dannion

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