Programme / Construction Management

Clients undertaking construction projects in the capacity of employer or contractor require the expertise of an integrated technical and administrative services team to meet their programme objectives. Either working with the clients’ staff or bringing together the required personnel, we provide that team, from concept through completion.

We administer all construction activities for the contractor and employer clients we serve, from contracting strategies, programme planning, coordination, scheduling, cost estimating and cost control, to design management, value engineering, construction, change order management, claims avoidance, dispute resolution and commissioning.

  • Construction Management

    With the increasing sophistication and complexity in construction projects, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget requires the highest levels of expertise in construction management. Our team at Dannion understands projects and so can professionally and comprehensively manage the construction process to guarantee that our clients’ vision, timescales and financial projections are realised.

  • Design Project Management

    Delivering the most successful and best construction projects is a difficult and complex undertaking from the very beginning, and our experts are experienced, trained and present at every step of the way to ensure the very best results. We, at Dannion, bring together teams of multiple professional disciplines and manage the communications and design process (using Building Information Modelling techniques) to deliver efficient and effective designs to meet and exceed the goals and expectations of our clients.

  • Cost Management

    Large government and/or private investment sums go into construction projects and the engineering sector. With the uncertainty in commodity and resources costs, accurate planning for procurement costs and contract works execution is essential to guarantee the successful completion of these projects and the minimization of financial risk. Dannion experts provide cost planning and budget management advice that ensure value for money and that projects come in on budget.

    Our extensive knowledge and experience of local and international markets allow us to provide accurate, comprehensive and reliable estimates.

    Our experts also deliver respected, sharp, accurate and reliable due diligence assessments and valuations to developers, banks and private individuals.

  • Contract Solutions

    Construction Contracts, of whatever form – design build, designed by the employer etc. - more frequently than not constitute an agreement to undertake the Works by one party for another. This means that agreements a little beyond a handshake need to be set up. Agreements that do not adversely advantage one party over another ensures that works are undertaken in an environment of fairness and mutual respect. Our training and over two decades in the drafting of tender documents and conditions of contract, and the administration of these contracts make us aware of every aspect of structuring construction contracts.

    Even with the greatest contract structuring competence, disputes can arise. This can be extremely difficult to assess and resolve, leading to delays, disruption and potential financial costs. Our skills and experience in avoiding, mitigating or resolving disputes have allowed our clients to prevail in the face of even the most complex of challenges.

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