Water Engineering

The Water Engineering team designs and supervises the construction of efficient and environmentally sustainable potable water and stormwater systems that use less energy while serving entire towns, villages and communities. There are many areas to the team’s expertise including: Water Supply Infrastructure Design, Hydrological and Drainage Design, River Engineering and Flood Protection.

  • Water Supply Infrastructure Design

    Freshwater is essential to sustain life as we know it and without it humans would seize to exist. The volume of freshwater on earth at any one time is finite and not all readily accessible. With the rapidly expanding global population, the availability of clean and sustainable water supplies is becoming more acute and accessing it is becoming even more difficult.

    Using our in-depth knowledge from all levels of water supply design and management, we apply leading-edge technologies to meet ever-changing volume requirements and quality needs for drinking water and wastewater facilities. We provide advice to water companies, deliver specialist design and supervision services, and help communities expand and diversify their water supplies. Our design expertise include - Supply & Treatment Systems, Wastewater Treatment Systems and & Reuse.

  • Hydrological and Drainage Design

    We design integrated drainage systems for facilities, cities, roads and developments that focus on effective functioning, maintenance, reliability and complete integration with the environment that they serve. Through the use of traditional calculations, advance design tools and new technologies, we conduct rigorous hydrological and hydraulic analysis to optimize solutions for drainage and sewer systems, culverts and bridges.

  • River Engineering

    Rivers continue to provide for water, irrigation, power, recreation, food, and transportation as it has from the beginning of civilization. They can be vulnerable, devastating and life giving all in one.

    At Dannion, we have developed the expertise to offer designs in river training and bank protection works to reduce the devastating as well as vulnerability potential of rivers. We have applied high levels of technical expertise in hydrology, hydraulic modelling, channel geomorphology, scour and channel stability analysis to ensure rivers continue to flow in a manner that is safe and not environmentally threatened.

  • Flood Protection

    With the onset of climate change the threat of flooding and flash flooding to existing towns, cities and villages, even in desert oases, are becoming more frequent and more intense.

    In the initiation of new developments and the safeguarding of existing settlements along shoreline and riverbanks, flood protection and risk management are vital considerations. We specialise in managing flood risks from all sources including tidal, fluvial, surface water, groundwater and water mains failure.

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