Bridge Engineering

Historically, the designs of bridge structures have been the pride of the greatest cities, and their presence or absence has decided wars. Road networks cannot function without the presence of bridge structures that have, for centuries, allowed for reduced travel times and improved connections of communities, families and commerce.

We, at Dannion, provide design and consultancy services to any highway infrastructure and bridge type project, from the smallest culverts, to railway line overpasses (as constructed over the Basseterre Bypass Highway), to the most challenging river and canal bridges, both in urban environments and along primary arterial highways. As part of an efficient and creative multi-disciplinary team, our bridge team works closely with our transportation and hydraulic engineers, whether in-house or from our international partners. And with a deep understanding of bridge life-cycles, we are able to provide the most complete and cost effective solutions to the most diverse assignments in any location.

In conducting extensive public consultation on behalf of and in partnership with our government and statutory body clients, we take our responsibilities to achieve the successful delivery of our bridge projects beyond engineering and design.

Bridge Assessments & Inspections

With the aging of bridge structures, particularly in saline conditions, the need for strengthening and refurbishment, and in some cases replacement, have now become commonplace. We have undertaken the inspection, survey and assessment of numerous bridge structures, providing innovative and cost effective solutions to bringing these structures, ranging from the visible major highway bridges to the stone masonry crossing hidden in a rural community back to safe condition.

Our Research and Insights