Highway Engineering

Road and highway networks provide for the mobility of people, goods and services. They are, therefore, vitally important to the functioning and growth of our communities, cities and our economies. As these population and economies grow, so too does the need for adequate roads and transportation infrastructure. Further, the planning, design and construction of these roads require the application of high-level expertise in order to achieve the goal of meeting the present and future demands on them. This is at the heart of what we do at Dannion.

We have a distinguished breadth of experience and expertise in the implementation of all types of road projects, from rural access gravel roads to major primary arteries and highway networks, spanning inception of new road schemes through to the final road markings and then the cycle of maintenance and upgrading.

With the capability to undertake geometric and pavement designs using advanced design software, our pavement, road drainage and highway engineers work in a collaborative team of traffic and transportation engineers, geotechnical engineers, bridge engineers, project managers, technicians, and environmental and road economics experts to ensure that clients are offered the most sustainable and optimised solutions.

Be it new road projects like - Basseterre Bypass Highway or the refurbishment or upgrading of existing ones like - Feeder and Agricultural Roads, our highly experienced, qualified team is passionate in providing the best highway engineering solutions to meet the needs of the growing communities while minimizing the impact on the environment in which they live.

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