Structural Engineering

Our highly trained engineers and technicians provide a strong structural engineering capability, with the level of creativity, technical skills and experience that deliver the most cost-effective and innovative solutions. The designs developed by our experts, whether exclusively in-house or in concert with external specialists, are conceived out of a collaborative effort that work with a single-minded focus for the fulfillment of the collective vision of our clients and our team.

Using every available analytical tool, from the simple, tried and tested pen on paper to cutting edge 3D modeling software, we make possible and bring to physical life the beautiful but most complex organic shapes and forms imagined by the architects. We aim to develop optimal structures that are not only beautiful to behold but also meet environmental, fabrication, transportation, and construction requirements set within a local context but framed to global standards.

We are professional, flexible and dynamic. Our structural engineering services can be brought to play from any point along the creative timeline, from ideas on a paper napkin to feasibility studies through concept and detailed design stages to full construction. But it does not end there, in meeting the demands of consumers and the industry, we undertake structural assessments and due diligences exercises, building surveys and auditing, and structural rehabilitation and restoration designs.

Our Research and Insights